Single Malt Whisky

Our single malt whisky is one of Australia's most unique whiskys. With our Scottish climate in Port Arthur, our whisky does not follow the usual aging pattern for Australian whisky. Our whisky is the only one in Australia to lose a low percentage of alcohol in the barrel and therefore our quota for the angels is extremely minimal, thus mimicking the conditions in Scotland. Made using the finest Tasmanian natural spring water. We use a combination of ex bourbon barrels, of both French and American origin. Each bottle is numbered and comes from a single barrel. Sensory notes: The nose is initially very sweet, the scent of American oak ex bourbon immediately evident. Elegant with great affinity for Speyside whisky. A superb whisky, very different from the traditional style associated with the Australian Whisky. It is a whisky comparable to a Speyside or Scottish Highland single malt.

Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Wisky invecchiato in botte di rovere e cherry

Alcool, Tasmanian Barley

Bottle format
500 ml.

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